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Unsere 4 Standorte in Zentralamerika und der Karibik


Through the new foreign investment law in Cuba, many new business opportunities are arising. Until now we are active in the area of renewable energies and collaborate with strong local associates. We offer to support you in a plurality of sectors in a complex environment. We cordially invite you to the 1st German Cuban Business Forum, to be held on May 15-16 2017 in Havana. Please contact us for more information.

Dominican Republic

We are well connected in the Dominican Republic and are – until now – primarily engaged in the area of renewable energies.


Because of its very good security situation, its business-friendly environment and its central location, Nicaragua established itself as an ‘insider tip’ in Central America. We are working in the field of medical equipment in the country. Additionally, we offer to serve our clients through our Central America platform ZAMBA.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known as “the Switzerland of Central America” is renown internationally especially because of ecotourism and renewable energies. We are working there in the field of renewable energy. Additionally, Costa Rica is the hub of our Central America platform ZAMBA, through which we serve our clients.

Unsere 6 Standorte in Südamerika


In Ecuador we collaborate with local associates in the area of renewable energies, conventional energy generation and waste processing.


Due to the economic, political and social progress the country experienced in recent years, Columbia has become one of the most attractive places in the region. Especially in the energy sector, there are many opportunities that arise for German companies. We are engaged in various energy generation projects, in the field of mining development as well as in the implementation of German renewable technologies in remote areas. Additionally, we represent various German companies in Colombia.


It is not only since the foundation of the Pacific alliance that Peru is a country with tremendous economic potential. GLB is engaged in the area of decentralised energy supply, supports project implementation, represents German companies and distributes their technologies. We organize workshops, f.e. “German Technology for the Peruvian Mining Sector”, in which we bring our clients together with potential local customers.


Over the last years, Bolivia has experienced enormous progress in terms of economic, political and social conditions. Against this background, GLB has established its South America regional in Bolivia’s business metropolis Santa Cruz de la Sierra. In the country, we are active in the fields of renewable energies, energy infrastructure and waste recycling. We are being local partner for foreign companies participating in tenders, and we represent various German companies in Bolivia.


Chile – role model for democratic and economic development in South America – has for a long time been an attractive target for foreign investors. In Chile, we are especially working in areas of electricity network expansion. With our local associates, we offer support in lots of other sectors as well.


Low energy prices, its membership in MERCOSUR as well as attractive investment incentives make Paraguay an interesting place for investors and companies. Against this background, GLB organized the Paraguay Energy Summit & EXPO as well as a business development trip to Paraguay in 2014. With our well-networked associates, we offer to support you locally.