GLB Team Salim Abu-Abed

Salim Abu-Abed, LL.M. / partner and CFO

Salim Abu-Abed is partner and CFO of GLB. Furthermore, he is COO and Consultant at Pflüger International.

Salim Abu-Abed studied law in Frankfurt and Houston, Texas, where he concentrated on commercial and company law as well as international business mediation. Among others, he worked for the law firm Terry Kim (Houston, Texas) in the field of energy law and mediation. He also worked at the German Embassy in Bogotá, the ABN AMRO Bank (Personnel), the Dresdner Bank AG (UK Finance, UK Firms and EU Institutions), TelePassport GmbH (Head of IT), the European Advisory Group GmbH (Head of Office) and the LIMAX Group GmbH (Chief Executive Officer).

Salim Abu-Abed is of Palestinian descent, was born in the Rhineland and grew up in Columbia. He speaks German, English and Spanish.